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Pandas can't whistle

Yay, lots of stuff happening since I last updated, most likely leading to the state of having written a long entry.

Friday was spent intermittently mooching off dan's computer trying to compile my project for windows while simultaneously nagging him to clean his room. It was like being in Japan, except with Java instead of Japan. (This is another one of those things that probly makes sense only to me...) I biked to Joseph-Beth's with perfect timing to get caught in that hailstorm on the way home... yay me. It actually wasn't so horrid (this is why i shouldn't read books featuring proper british ladies), and somewhat adventureful. Storms are generally mondo, actually, though not while bike-riding. In conclusion, Dan is nifty.

Saturday... cello group (Pam's doing well & visited, forgot to ask about the baby's name, Ismar wasn't there), and after lunch (Quizno's!) music guild. 琴はすごいけど、何かすることが要るよ。([My] koto's cool, but I need something to do [with it]. {Or at least, that's what it's supposed to be.}) Joel (Freilich) was there, contributing to my confused opinion of him. Matheus and Noel were cool and friendly. And there were jellybeans. *gonks the sentence-fragment-striking fairy* Sonoato, there was Markos's party of bdayishness. It was fun... I knew more ppl than I expected, and stuff happened, but not the sort of stuff that's LJable. It's the sorta thing that would have been boring, except that some of the ppl were cool (no offense intended to anyone reading this, probly). Had to leave earlyish because of preparing-for-my-partyness and because i forgot to call my dad. Cool lightingnessness which I'd say seemed good for pagan rituals except I don't know what I'm talking about and might offend my pagan friends (not really, but still...)

So, (******* so there!) today I had my bday party. It was also fun, with cool people and DDR and stuff and neat presents and killer rabbits without the rabbits or the killers and actual social interactions. (Kotori: some of my friends think I'm not really asocial because I don't piss ppl off. Little do they know...) Oh, we watched Pom Poko, which got mixed reviews, and didn't eat enough cookies yet again.
Talked to Arien beforehand... reminded me of when I used to be an early riser and more ymish (don't ask)... growing up is hard to understand. • I guess that's what cool current-or-former twelve-year-olds are for. Drat, I'm getting cryptic again. That's what I get for channeling mYself.

This feels incomplete... World Whistling Failures unite! You have nothing to lose but your lack of having been lynched by humanists.

*shuts up*
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