Xavid (kihou) wrote,


Hmm, what have I been up to lately...

Pennsic was fun; lots of heraldry, some reasonable if lopsided melees, lots of relaxing (yay hammocks!) and some fun wanderings of sorts socially.

Before that was stuff like Hunger Games (running around in a lab coat with a cool sword FTW) and hiking and crafting and such.

Been seeing this girl Sarah (from the Internet). She writes kidslit and is cute and awesome. Lots of wandering about randomly, which as everyone knows is the key to my heart. ^_^ Among other things, ate polish food other than pierogies and caught a show at Club Passim (Corinne West & Kelly Joe Phelps).

Black Ships is rerunning in October, and has every indication of actually happening this time. I'm excited to see how some of the changes are received, particularly you're-conscious-'til-you're-dead, pagefolds instead of notebooks, and the Apples to Apples mechanic.

I'm also writing a 10-day LARP based on the Persona games sorta that'll run a bit further out.

I'm sure you've heard enough about my Dresden Files campaign.

Picnic with Thomas out at Wompatuck for Pati's birthday, nice and low-key with large amounts of farmshare watermelon.

Farmshare in general has gotten me more adventurous cooking with veggies, such as today's Pati Kryptonite Burritos, featuring bell pepper, sausage, and canned refried beans (none of which Pati likes). A bit back we made something cool I had a Pati!food name for, but I'm totally failing to remember what. Oh! It was Loaded Meat with Potato (loaded mashed potatoes extremely high on the meat portion; I think we had bacon, sausage, and cheese).

My 1-year anniversary of being at Google happened. Yay? It mostly means I get stock and am 1/3 of the way to extra vacation time, neither of which I am prone to complaining about.

And, of course, new cat Anastasia, pictures of which I've been posting to my twitter.

Oh, and apparently there's some sort of hurricane or something.
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