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The past few days have involved a slightly more organized form of hanging out with people.

On Thursday I got Sarah to try sushi. She liked it, and we managed to not get too awkwardly silent. I don't think I've ever seen Lobdell open, however; we ended up getting it from La Verde's. *grmbl*

Friday Yūtarō came over. We walked to Best Buy so he could assuage his DDR addiction. We talked a lot and had a generally good time. His classes start Monday.

Today I spent the afternoon hanging out with Zoë. We went to the Porter Exchange, which is a little like the mutant offspring of Asia Plaza and a regular mall. It had some good restaurants, interesting shops, a Japanese grocery, and a Gap. Anyways, I had some good soba with beef for lunch, looked at expensive neatnesses, and got some obligatory pocky and ramuné. Then we came back to campus, walked around some, went to the Galleria, looked at books and manga-type stuff (they had Nausicaä 2, but not 3...), came back, looked at the Vest good-bye party marked by clowns and DDR, and then Zoë had to leave. It was fun, if rather largely marked by quietness... It made me think back to Confluence, when we could always count on Megan and Ade to have something to say... and a sword, of course.

In other news, I got my UROP research proposal all wrapped up. Hopefully I'll get funding from the UROP office... *crosses fingers* I get a tour from Mike the (are PhD students grad students, or do you call them postgrads or something?) of the stuff I'll be working with Monday after classes. It's looking good.

We had a Alex+cruft-based game night the other night, where I had fun playing Settlers of Canan [sp] for the first time, and slightly less fun playing Babylon 5 Wars against Alex. Settlers is definitely a nifty game, though.

The Ren Faire going-ness got rained out, which is why I hung out with Zoë around here instead. We may go another week. Patrol and Saturday Night Coffeehouseness planned for tonight. And Yūtarō's favorite activity, laundry.
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