Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Reshared from Nobilis

Dharma Worms

These transparent green inchworm-spirits assign people their dharma — the way they should be in life, the path that is harmonious with them,the “destiny” that is given them. They crawl over you sometime in your youth to provide the initial dharmic determination and return occasionally throughout your childhood to touch the matter up. Inchworms don’t really care whether they’re assigning people power, potentialities, attractions, or inevitable outcomes, so it’s not always clear what exactly a person’s dharma is; what is clear is that it somehow defines what works for a person and works a kind of goingness of direction into the fabric of their self. You can attract dharma-worms with a mixture of honey and crushed flowers left out on a porcelain plate, but unless you’ve lost your dharma and failed to replace it with anything else all they can really do is crawl on you, polish any bits of your dharma that may have faded, and measure roughly how many dharma-inches you have remaining.

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