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Dungeons & Shafts

Japanese Fanta is so much cooler than American Fanta... they must make it from rain water, or something. ^_^

Patrol was quite nifty. Several hours of pointless violence, shooting at people for no reason with no win condition: you're a loser just for showing up. I need to work on my aim, but it's great fun. Saturday Night Coffeehouse Club was also very fun. I got with a group that was going to the training shaft in building 37. Imagine climbing from the basement of a building to the roof in a 10 foot square shaft climbing up pipes, ventilation ducts, and assorted other structural features. I liked Physical Plant's signs, "Authorized Personnel Only: Key is necessary to enter and leave shaft", conveniently placed on the insides of doors. We didn't even need to use any magic to get in, which was good, because we had no magic and only two tiny lights for the six of us. Luckily, PhysPlant left some lightbulbs on for us. Afterwards, we wanted to try to find the Athena Quickstation that's supposed to be high up in the ventilation system near the Tomb of the Unknown Tool, but the area seemed active, so we left. Most of the group had to leave then, so we punted and I went back a little early. It was great, even though my legs are really sore now and I got quite a few scratch-type afflictions. Last evening seems like good prep for a first person shooter or something, ne?

Today was fun as well. We froshlings went to Gamers' Workshop, met Dante's Harvard friend, and later went to the Garment District, a rather sketchy place to get sketchy clothes. I didn't end up getting anything, but they had some neat stuff. (Jayne, is there any color of bandanna you particularly want?) This evening we also started out our D&D session, only slightly complicated by the fact that Ian had the Eberron book (and I hadn't written down place names) and also that two of the PCs don't have names yet. Aside from being rather anonymous, it went well. I need to work up a more challenging combat, though.

Yūko at Yosemite
(My Japanese friend Yūko at Yosemite National Park.)
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