Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Reshared from Chris Lesniewski

"""The subpoena stated that it was seeking [@p0isAn0n's IP address] and other information — some of it referencing Occupy Boston — as part of an ongoing criminal investigation. The government also asked Twitter to keep the existence of the subpoena secret. Thankfully, Twitter disregarded the request for secrecy and sent @p0isAn0n a copy of the subpoena, whereupon it was promptly uploaded to the internet for the world to see.
After ten minutes of secret government-judge conversation, our attorneys were invited back to the sidebar, whereupon the scrum of lawyers spoke with the judge for another ten or fifteen minutes. Then they dispersed. The judge uttered not one word to the open court. And that was it. [...] The judge had impounded all the court records related to the case, and mandated complete secrecy governing the proceedings. The public wasn’t even to know whether our motion to quash had been approved or denied."""

WTF? (What the Fawkes?)
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