Xavid (kihou) wrote,

A poem and a fish

There's some sort of East Herald vs Bard writing competition thing going on. Since I write poetry at the drop of a hat, but people rarely drop hats, I went ahead and wrote a waka in English with a strict 5-7-5-7-7:

Wind-swept Eastern shore.
I watch the moon's crescent rise:
Rock-strewn wavelets shine.
The night chill finds not my heart:
I still feel the hearth-fire's warmth.

(The Midrealm would be easier to do this for, because they've got symbols like trees and things. I'm not going to write a waka about a tiger. Silver crescent's a bit eh, but it's not horrible for autumn.)

Hmm, I wonder how long it's been since I talked about life-type things here. Pennsic with Sarah was awesome; I was pretty low-key about stuff this year, but I did get more into heraldry again (see: Patterns in Japanese Crests, currently a work and progress, amid commenting and figuring out submissions for my mom and I). This weekend Pati, Sarah, and I are hitting the Boston Harbor Islands, which should be epic, then starting the following weekend Pati and I are heading north for a slightly-belated honey-themed trip. (^_^) Writing for Contact (10-day scheduled for IAP 2013) is getting more intense but going well, Hitherby is continuing to be an actual thing, my Dresden Files campaign continues to be fun. Concerts, wandering, having been with Sarah over a year, cleaning out some Grotto-era basement stuff successfully, lots of board games, making cool stuff from farmshare veggies, Pati continuing to not quite burn anything down with her crafting: all in all, things are pretty crazy, but in an awesome-good way. At least I'll be forced to relax a little with my away-from-civilization plans. (Though some people probably think I should write sheets the whole time. ^_^)

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