Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Honeymoon Waka

For Pati and my honeymoon-alike, we went up to a cabin on a lake in New Hampshire, with some camping on the way up and down. It was beautiful and relaxing. I'll post some pictures at some point.

As has recently become my want when relaxing in nature, I wrote some poems. Here are some waka (tanka) with a few hokku (haiku) and a renga-alike from the trip. (Some of these are more Heian romance style and less appropriate for Kihō, but, you know...)

A lone wild duck
Swims through the sun-lit shallows.
Searches, finds: content.
Though this root-marked path winds long,
In this breath I know his mind.

Two great warriors,
Last my shadow climbed this ridge,
Fought to shade the trail.
Now oak but lies underfoot.
Pine alone regards the moon.

Comfort's easy sleep.
"You have shared rice here too long,"
sigh unfrayed sandals.
But one red-edged leaf calls out:
"Wear long sleeves 'gainst evening's chill!"

(This one's super-cute.)

Even the tall pines
sway in warm winds such as these,
winter's chill long fled.
Yet your current remains still.
Why, fond brook, refuse water?

Moss-strewn ancient rock.
Fifty years a pine stood here.
Now, I write poems.

(This one's probably my favorite.)

A wet scrawny cat
ignores my food offering
but not my fire.

Though, shadowed, I scarce see him,
I welcome him all the more.

Next this moon rises,
all trace will be washed away.
Footprints, fire, friend.

But now, by this tide-swept marsh,
wind-dried branches warm my hands.

My clothes: not yet dry,
Yet I must still leave you here,
'Neath this sodden roof.
I bear last night with me still:
In my water-heavy sleeves.

My shadow-marked path.
Though I feel the morning chill,
Sunlight on my back.
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