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Well, stuff like sleep, wrap up, lunch at Far East with Assassins, and Evil Dead II annihilated my plans for getting my Japanese Culture paper done this afternoon. As it's due tomorrow at 11, tonight became write-a-five-page-paper-quickly-without-getting-distracted-making-fun-of-Patty-for-pulling-a-Walters *resists the esoteric impulses*. Anyways, it got done reasonably well, despite ending up being in TextEdit because of my insane macron fixation. David FincherPhillip did a great job on the trailers. I like the posthumous Fight Clubish one, where my hat (having conveniently fallen off when I jumped out the window) played a key role. I'm definitely going to expand my habit of making icons out of trailers when I get a copy.

(This post isn't esoteric, but it will probably make more sense when I finish my Game update and post that.) Until then.
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