Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Reshared from Sai

I was just pulled from my flight to Argentina by +American Airlines' "Customer Corporate Resolution Office" because, as a courtesy which I have no legal obligation to do, I disclosed my tic disorder to the flight attendants so that they wouldn't freak out if they saw me having muscle spasms. It's a talk I've done dozens of times, and normally they're perfectly understanding about it.

They were pretty fucking rude about it too, refused to talk to my neurologist, insisted that I get him to fax them a certificate saying I'm OK to fly, etc etc this will end up in yet another legal dispute as a violation of the Air Carrier Access Act unless AA settles with me first.

Result: I'm going to lose a full day of the vacation time I would otherwise have been spending with my girlfriend, and I'm really fucking pissed. And I (and my lawyers) will be re-reading the ACAA in detail.

I'm also no longer going to inform flight crews at all, unless it's after the wheels are off the ground and I'm having symptoms. Whenever Corporate or ground crew or anyone who thinks they're reviewing me as a security risk gets involved, it inevitably goes badly, and it's clearly against my interests to be courteous.

I'm pretty livid, so I'm going to just end it here.

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