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Books I need:
Trickster's Queen
Dog Warrior

Lots of other stuff

Today was fun... I hung out with Patty to study calc, not study calc, drink cranberry juice, and do other random stuff. We went to watch random Japanese horrorish movies with some of her FAP friends. I finally saw Battle Royale, which I liked more than I expected and would make a good LARP, and then Suicide Club, which was a more artsy type of social commentary with an inconclusive ending and an evil brainwashing singing group of average age 12.5. Then we watched this highly random Chinese movie called Phantom Call or something about this ghost who happens to be attached to his cell phone. There was also lots of random wasting time and talking and music videoness. I just noticed this evening how many characteristics Patty shares, to some degree, with Yūtarō... I wonder which of the possible significances this has...

I really should be off to bed at some point, since even though we missed Saturday Night Coffeehouse Club (which was really too bad), I still ended up staying up later than I would have for that. The weird thing is, if I sleep 'til noon, I'll still get my six... It all works out.

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