Xavid (kihou) wrote,

More cryptic tabletopping thoughts

I have played with the /Dogs in the Vineyard/ conflict mechanic now. I still really like it!

One thing I hadn't understood ahead of time was the impact of different die size. With many systems, what you care about is die totals, so I'd been sorta thinking going in "2d6 and 1d8 are both ways of leveling up? That seems overly complicated." But since you always use 2 dice to attack and get advantages for defending with as few dice as possible, bigger dice end up feeling qualitatively different from more dice. Lots of small dice keep you in the fight longer, but a bigger die gives you a change of getting an impressive single-die reversal and lets you make powerful attacks that force consequences on people. It definitely adds something, though I'm not sure I think it's crucial.
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