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I don't really know who still reads this any more besides family, but hey, I'm in London, might as well write things down. I'm going to be pretty brief and not gate on actually uploading pictures, to make it more likely that I'll actually post things. But feel free to ask questions.

(For those following along at home, I'm in London for 6 months basically on loan to another team for me-learning-stuff purposes. I'm basically running Google infrastructure instead of writing it for a while.)

Before going to London was a whirlwind of packing and Kickstarter fulfillment. (Previous I'd been in MTV for two weeks for training, because I don't think logistics through and/or am insane. Sarah is amazing.)

We flew the Iceland Air red-eye (we're doing the stopover on the way back). My ability to sleep on the plain was hampered severely by the fact that we were sitting next to the lavatory, which kept opening and closing.

The Iceland airport had surprisingly good Chicken Tikka Masala wraps and such. Also, classy and clean restrooms. And not needing to go through customs for my connecting flight was nice.

Next flight was shorter and comfier. I got sleep, in part because of Sarah's excellent advice to wear the sleep mask they gave us instead of just being stubborn.

Google's putting us up for a week in a hotel, so we're at the Rubens at the Palace, which is directly across from the Royal Mews, has far to many restaurants, and is generally ridiculous.

Today we went to St. Paul's cathedral, which is a gorgeous building, and climbed up more then a thousand steps to get some amazing views from the top. (Thanks for the rec, Dan!)

Then, nearby, we went to see some ruins of the London Wall, some of which dates back to roman times, and is just sitting sorta awkwardly among office buildings. Pretty awesome, and really cool to see the combination of construction from different eras.

Then, tonight, we went to see Wicked, which is showing not far from the hotel. It was amazing! I'm a big fan. I like the way it combined a magical storyline with interesting emotional arcs, and thought it did well with its fan service references and R&GADishness without it derailing things. I thought the cast, especially Elphaba, did very well, and the staging and props were very impressive.

As I do, I overthought things a bit, so I'm just going to throw a few things out there.
[Spoilerish bullet points]

  • It's weird that the framing story at the beginning acts like the whole musical is a story that Glinda is telling, but then it later turns out that she's not telling it to anyone. (And, of course, the inner story includes things she doesn't know.)
  • The sorcery teacher's power level is rather arbitrary. She seems pretty incompetent early on, but then later gives her weather powers rather extreme magical support to use them to summon a house to murder someone with (as opposed to any more plausible ways to murder someone with weather), but then later she's sent to prison with the implication that her powerful magic won't be a problem at all.
  • Oz gets off rather lightly considering, especially compared to the teacher, for no terribly evident reason other than to keep continuity (which isn't satisfying, and they easily could have stretched things like they did elsewhere).
  • I'm sure you could say things about disability and Elphaba's sister's lack of any sort of redemption.

But don't be mislead: I only overthink media that I like. And with that, I should off to sleep. Cheers!
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