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Attempting to Catch Up

So, after getting back from our Easter trip. The new AirBNB is in Holborn, less ridiculously fancy than Kensington and with more in the way of office buildings. It's a top-floor flat with a pretty small bedroom but a huge shared living room and a small roof deck, so it works out well overall. Comfy and relaxing in a way our previous flat wasn't.

Saturday we went to the Borough Market, which Zan had recommended. It's huge, and a great place for ingredients or market food. (I'm really into London's markets in general; even the small random ones are pretty great.) We ended up getting stuff for Sarah to make awesome and weird pesto pizzas, which were pretty great. We also did some geocaching, of course.

Sunday we started out going to an interesting/quirky brunch place. Then we went to Kew Gardens with Alex, Lemur's friend. I'd been before, when I was in London to visit Zan, but it's really cool and obviously different based on the season. There were plenty of flowers and it was a lot of fun to wander and see things. Afterwards Sarah and I did some geocaching, and then ended up deciding to go home in a wildly impractical way that involved walking between two stations that looked much closer to each other on the tube map than they actually were on the ground. In other words, adventure!

A week ago, Sarah flew out for here Crete/Greece trip, doing research for Icarus, involving taking the train out to Gatwick at Ridiculous O'Clock. Because of some sort of mystic conservation, that's when Sam showed up, in town for a bit for a conference (and to visit). Thursday we went to see Tom Stoppard's latest play, The Hard Problem, via National Theatre Live. It was well put-together, but as a realistic play about science with no science-fictional or weird elements, it was not nearly as much my style as R&GaD. It was clever, but foreshadowed things sufficiently strongly that nothing that happened felt terribly surprising. It ended up being a lot about altruism and irrational behavior, and while it had a diverse cast it was somewhat problematic on feminist grounds. It was very well put together, though, and it did a good job of presenting a very interesting fundamental question to the audience.

Friday Sam and I saw Wicked, again for me, which was fun.

Saturday we went to Bletchley Park, which was cool. I'm all over functional reproductions of historical machines, and it was really quite something to try to imagine what life was like breaking codes with the pressures of WWII and without the technology we take for granted today. The mansion itself also had some quite impressive architecture.

Later we ended up wandering a fair amount, then went to a great mixed-drinks bar called Callooh Callay, where to get to the restrooms you have to walk through a wardrobe door like the one I wanted to build back in the day.

Sunday we went to Greenwich, where Sam's staying for the conference, and wandered around Greenwich Park, past the observatory, and hit Greenwich Market, featuring ramen burgers. He was meeting conference people at King's Cross for dinner, so we wandered around that area a bit as well. After we split, I hit up a cool indie co-op called The People's Market for groceries while wandering back, also finding another nonfunctional/abandoned Victorian water fountain and a cool garden park that was once a graveyard.

Yesterday, I stopped by a cookie place that sells slices of those giant cookies you see places. It was pretty Beechwood Place-as-a-kid great.

Today, I wrote this blog post. Also presumably did some other stuff.
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