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Long Weekends are Fun

Today was fun. René's campaign over AIM, which involved large quantities of meditation, which is nevertheless better than sitting around doing nothing. Patty, Steph, Dante and I went to Harvard Square for no readily apparent reason. Pandemonium was closed by the time we got there, but we went to Newbury Comics (I finally got Nausicaä!). Then we spent a lot of time not eating at expensive restaurants (including the place I ate with Bobby and Cherie), then eating at a noisy but nifty place called Grendel's Den (how could a place with a name like that not be nifty?) that had good burgers. This was concluded by a distinct lack of multiplication ability between the four of us MIT students with reference to the tip. Afterwards, we hung out a bit and didn't do all that much. Patty showed me a web comic (Return to Sender) that, combined with last night, definitely exceeded my Recommended Weekly Allowance for this sort of thing. I planned for the DOOMFrosh campaign tomorrow. I notably didn't work at all on 18.02... (multivar calc for you unnumericals) Well, there's always tomorrow. Hmm... that reminds me of how much DDR I haven't been playing. Ah, well, I've certainly been getting plenty of exercise.

P.S. I had a weird dream last night which had some nightmare-like elements, but nothing remotely related to the horror movies we watched. Go figure.
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