Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Mills and Skeletons

Last Saturday we went to Broadway Market, just across the park. It was great! It's like a smaller, more authentic/less touristy version of Borough Market, with lots of ingredients and food options but more aimed at locals and less of a total zoo. (Plus a few random hippie-ish non-food sellers.) At the end of the market is a canal, still in active use, and we got to see some people take their house barge through the lock, which was awesome.

Sunday we went to tour the House Mill, the largest tidal mill still standing in the world (albiet non-functional). It was cool to see the machinery and understand how it worked, and see wood-toothed gear machinery and such. As Making Light coincidentally just said, you don't see much in the creative use of wind or water mills the way you see steampunk, but they actually had quite impressive machinery before the steam engine. The mill was on Three Mills Island, which (as you may have guessed) has two mills on it, and also nice park-ish areas, so it was fun to visit. I'd hoped to visit a mill still in operation, it being National Mills Weekend, but unfortunately the ones I looked at were inconvenient to get to.

Monday we went to a variety show-ish thing at the Alice's Adventures Underground, and it was actually really good! There was interpretive (?) dancing and beatboxing and dramatically-read poetry and rabid-impressive live painting and music. My favorite song was Skeletons by Alexander Wolfe, also known as the Mock Turtle. Afterwards we ended up at a place that actually had quite solid Mexican street food. Also, it was my birthday.

The rest of the week's evenings were awesome cookingness, conversation, and the variety of moments that make up life.
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