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Little Black Bubbles

I'm feeling listless, so I'll do a boring and undetailed update.

DOOMFrosh D&D campaign was fun. Shapeshifting poisoning of people in comas! It needs a name... Stormsign Campaign. Or Windsign. I like Windsign.

UROP funding didn't work out... *grmbl*ness... But it looks like I'll get a part-time job at Metacarta, which should be reasonably convenient and interesting, and pays well. So, hopefully things will work out. I meet with Metacarta dude on Friday.

I've invited Zan and Zoë for Patrol Saturday. Zoë seems like she might bring her friend Sarah, who seems somewhat urchin-like, Patty might try to convince her dad, and so I guess if you people feel like coming over, we could get a whole acquaintance mob thing going. Yay shooting people with dart guns! The ultimate game of pointless violence, where you're a loser just for showing up. Anyways...

Gravity is good. This is what college is all about. Or life, perhaps...

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