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I'm hopeless...

I had this annoying "Can you celebrate?" song stuck in my head all day, from Japan-A-Radio. I know it's probably a sign from the gods that I shouldn't listen to internet radio, but it was still aggravating.

There was some reason I wanted to update my livejournal... *gets beat up by the impossibility sarah fairy* (At least I'm trying to be self-confident, aren't I?)

There were Senior Awards, which almost could have been interesting if I didn't already know about all the stuff I got. (Though what I didn't know is that Drea's a junior ^_^) Anyways, I was distracted by bad vibes off the display of flowers they had; luckily, I brought a talisman. No cake. Cool people. Mom was improper before Yutaro's mother; I warned her. (I can often replace ellipsis with a semicolon, can't I?) 「ばかな母」…

I'm still missing something. I met with my sponsor without much excitement; project's been going well; the weather's been basically unhorrible. I uploaded a new picture, which doesn't make sense here, but I'm using anyway.

Oh, yeah! The junk I ordered yesterday got here today even though I paid nothing for shipping and handling, and it was supposed to be ground shipping. So,Either they've got a hidden warehouse buried across the street, or they actually used the magical post, or got a flying castle. (I bet they can whistle, though.) I've been reading too much MegaTo¯kyo¯. (These macrons don't work, do they? Well, I'm using them anyway. Macron users become in the state of having solidarity!)

MIT lunch thing tomorrow... sans ppl I know, possibly. *shrug*

I'd just trail off, but I've been told to seek treatment, so I'll end confidently. As the stars wheel 'bout above the trees, so may we once again return in heart. *fights the urge to insert "(if only that actually meant something...), but ends up pulling a Cicero*
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