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Not Mentioning A Bee Sting

This weekend was fun, for a variety of reasons. Porter Exchange for good Korean (I think it was), coconut milk koalas and ramune, Zoë and her brother, Brazilian food, lack of patrol *grmbl*, wanderingness, lack of visiting the tomb of the unknown tool with such a large group of non-students (including a friendly kruft of some sort named Marty, Zoë, Ben her brother, Zan and S4m), fire juggling with strobe lights, noticing an interesting code I need to scan. Today involved the ren faire, Alex of the Chainmail not fitting in Andy's car, window shopping and interestingness, tigers, staff compliments, lack of DOOMFrosh-buying-stuff-ness, promises of greater quantities of money if we become kruft and don't have kids, general expensive things being nifty, making a quesadilla [sp] that got really messed up but tasted good, forgetting my griddle in the kitchen until just now, finding my iron doesn't work, and other fun stuff.

Oh, by the way, I lost one point from the purity test last night. Good luck figuring out which one or with whom... Only 8 more to get my λ∑Δ tshirt... ^_^
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