Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Followup: Dice Probabilities

The difference with Jenna's system that I didn't get into is the probabilities behind the Yahtzee-esque dice mechanic.

Chuubo's SkillFailSuccessCritApocalypse StatFail7–910+
079% 0%21%-2 72%25%2.8%
163%15%21%-1 58%33%8.3%
249%29%21% 0 42%42% 17%
337%42%21% 1 28%44% 28%
426%52%21% 2 17%42% 42%
517%62%21% 38.3%33% 58%

(I don't break out the extra-amazing successes and critical failures for Chuubo's above; the chance of quintuples is .077%, of quadruples is 1.9%, and of no pairs is 9.2%, regardless of skill (which means at skill 5 you're more likely to get a critical failure than a normal failure EDIT: no, I failed at reading my own table).)

The main interesting thing here for me is that the Chuubo's system has a reasonably large, constant chance of critting no matter how good you are (four times as large as the famous D&D 5% chance of succeeding at any task!). It makes the Apocalypse system seem more focused on character skill, where the Chuubo's system effectively has separate luck and skill components, which is an interesting choice.
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