Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Thoughts on 13th Age

Recently, I joined a 13th Age campaign. It's basically a simplified D&D with more of a focus on story elements. (Apparently, combat is very close to 4th Edition D&D without a grid and maybe some fiddlier dice-detail caring.) There were two things that particularly stood out to me as interesting.

The first was "story-guide dice". Each character has three points of "relationships" to Icons, which are basically the gods of the setting, and at the start of each session you roll one d6 for each. On a 5 the relationship comes into play in a conflicted (positive and negative or positive with cost) manner; on a 6 it comes into play in a positive manner. This actually seems really cool, having some of the feel of a "start of session" Apocalypse-style move and a more story-based "divine favor" system. Something like that makes a lot of sense if there's an aspect of the setting you want to keep continual focus on without it being a reliable PC power or getting repetitive.

The other thing that was interesting was the idea of "player picks". I think the way it was presented in the rulebook was for, between sessions, the players to each pick some element they'd like to see recur, and the GM keeps that in mind for the future. Eddie used it a bit more generally, soliciting ideas for things later in the session, and I thought that worked quite well. It has some similarities to a less-radical version of the player storytelling bits of Chuubo's, or to more incremental/less time-intensive to the city creation and past adventures parts of some Fate games. I think it's something that often happens informally in tabletops, but explicitly soliciting for such things seems like a great idea in general.
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