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"Believing I had supernatural powers, I slammed into a brick wall..."

... is a pretty good description of what is not in the process of happening, with any luck.

I had a really high density of weird dreams napping this afternoon. One high point were waking up briefly, not knowing where I was, noticing it wasn't dream location in a nonexistent building 9 room when I saw my calendars, concluding it must be the room in a cabin I was staying in connected to the dining room, fell back asleep and got up and went to the table in the dining room, then rewoke up and noticed where I actually was, then fell asleep again and went to a different dream that involved nuns at MIT but no Zoë. It ended with me walking down a corridor in building 2, coming out into lobby 13, seeing huge quantities of free food, seeing the parking lot at OSU out the window complete with yellow school buses, and realizing that it must be for Science Olympians, and feeling rather hungry. Then I woke up and had some dried apples.
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