Xavid (kihou) wrote,

New Year's

This is what I have for a New Year's Playlist. It has some overlap with Zan's, but I'm not going to care this time.
  • Famous Blue Raincoat, Jonathan Coulton (covering Leonard Cohen, of course)
  • Year's End, from a Winter's Solstice Reunion
  • Pretty Good Year, The Chorallaries of MIT (covering Tori Amos). The best link I could find is to some compilation CD, it's track 17.
  • Happy New Year from Rent, I guess. I really like it, but it's a bit plotty for a playlist.
  • New Year, Raining Jane. I heard a Winterbloom cover of this and fell in love with it. "All I know for certain is nothing's meant to last." The Winterbloom version doesn't seem to be anywhere, but the original is also great.
  • Paralytic States, Against Me! I'm actually pretty into Against Me!, which suggests that I should listen to more punkier stuff or something. Or that I should catch them when they're in town in February.
  • Starting Over, We're About Nine
  • January, The Paper Raincoat
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