Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Playlist: Persona: Too Late

  • Follow The White Rabbit, Jennah Bell
  • Elements, Lindsey Stirling. Because the elemental attacks personas use clearly need a song. Also the music video is badass.
  • Reach Out to the Truth -Inst version-, Shoji Meguro. Earlier versions had even more songs from Persona 4, but I tried to cut it down.
  • その影 (The Shadow), Susumu Hirasawa (from Paprika)
  • The Demon Power, Joe Hisaishi (from Princess Mononoke). Arguably this only made the cut because it's very short, but it seems thematically appropriate.
  • Son Of A Gun, Joe Iconis
  • I Stopped Listening, We're About 9. Don't seem to be able to find a link for it. I was trying to come up a song the right type of fighting/unhealthy relationship that didn't seem too much specifically romantic/a breakup song. I guess this is probably still talking about a romantic relationship, but it still has a good feel.
  • Lost, Zoë Keating
  • Hopeless Wanderer, Mumford & Sons
  • Hiding from Shadows, Ari Pulkkinen. Title was too perfect to pass up.
  • Long Past Gone, Jami Sieber. Thematically appropriate and also from Braid, a very well-done time-travel video game.
  • We were so wrong!, Besides
  • The Bad Ending, from CHRONOTORIOUS. I like the conceit that Persona: Too Late starts at the bad ending to a video game. Also, Chrono Trigger's my other favorite time-travel video game.
  • Creeping Death, Apocalyptica covering Metallica
  • The Shadows Theme, from Planescape Torment. This one's also a bit gratuitous, but I'm all over Planescape Torment, so why not. I guess there are some related themes.
  • Searching Through Time, Hejira. I'm not actually all that into this song, but it won "most apropos time-travel-related title".
  • Over the Top Fight Scene, The Filmographers
  • I'll Face Myself -Battle-, Shoji Meguro
  • Nothing Else Matters, Resonance covering Metallica
  • Blood Test, Kris Delmhorst. Probably doesn't really make sense, but I like the idea of a blood test to distinguish figments or impostors from reality and it sorta makes sense with personas being masks and such.
P.S. That Resonance version of Ghost I mentioned a while back? They never got back to me, but apparently their old CDs are available online due to bad AFS permissions, so yay? So you can listen to it via stuff.
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