Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Intercon Thoughts

Intercon happened! It was fun! I deliberately went for games that seemed different from what I've played before and high-concept, which led to me playing no "secrets and powers" games this time around. It was cool to push the boundaries of LARP from different angles.

Friday Night: The Inversion of Me and My Room

Really well-done. The most surreal experience I've had in a LARP, and I highly recommend playing it when it runs in the future (with the caveat that it's intense and people with concerns might want to chat with the GM about content). An amnesia/scenes LARP with very evocative prop conventions and a very interesting progression. It'll be running again various places, and people should play it!

Also, it had character packets in a folded booklet, instead of separate pieces of paper. It worked really well for this setup, because some pages were closed with stickers for you to open at the appropriate time, but I'm sorta manic about this idea in general as being easier to deal with and not requiring manilla envelopes.

Saturday Morning: Darkness Visible

Very interesting. Alternated between scenes of Milton's life and scenes from Darkness Visible, Milton's great poem. Different from other LARPs I've played, most notably because the outcome of each scene was predetermined from history or the poem, so the play was more about interpreting or understanding than deciding. (I think someone used the term "fateplay".) It was also the first game I've played where I've gotten to use meta-techniques as a player, which was interesting, though I feel like it was sufficiently on-rails that meta techniques were a bit less interesting then they could've been in an open-ended game. But the LARP presented Milton's life, circumstances, and work in a really engaging way, highlighting parallels and really making you think about things in a way beyond reading about them. Very literary in feel; definitely glad I played despite not knowing anything about Paradise Lost when I signed up (and not getting very far in when I tried reading it before Intercon).

Saturday Afternoon: two runs of Wishing Well

It went really well! People seemed to have a good time, it was zany and random, and it seemed to be just about the right length. It achieved our goal as a light, silly, cooperative short game.

Saturday Early Evening: The Road Not Taken

Small turnout, but I was still glad to get a chance to play it. (Basic premise is that everyone takes turns being a person in a realistic situation making a tough decision, and everyone else is voices in their head representing parts of their personality or simulated versions of people involved.) Some of the decisions got pretty heavy and there was some very strong roleplaying. Because of the small turnout, we mostly doubled up on voice roles, which was interesting and fun but probably created a bit of a different experience. With a full cast, though, I'd worry about less-assertive players having trouble getting enough time to speak.

Saturday Late Evening: running Persona: Too Late

Definitely more interesting and better set up than when I ran it two years ago. Still has some balance issues, and I messed up time management, causing some players to have to leave for a midnight game before endgame resolved. I think I'm in a good position to polish it for the Guild run in April, though.

Sunday Morning: Cats Like Food

It was a very Sunday morning game. Not much plot, spend an hour and a half roleplaying a cat. Not my normal sort of thing, but it was fun.

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