Xavid (kihou) wrote,

Playlist: Exist!

I’ve got two “existential” playlists going. This one is basically ones that didn’t fit my other playlist, which is inspired specifically by Hitherby Dragons.
  • Breathe (2 AM), Anna Nalick. I bought this specifically to listen to when writing my vaguely existential X-game “The NPCs Are Dead”, which ended up not actually being that interesting. I’m sure everyone’s at the edge of their seats for “Waiting For Packet Handout”/“Waiting for the GMs”, though.
  • It All Depends, The Paper Raincoat
  • Lemonade, We're About 9. I find this one super-evocative.
  • Words Fail You, Kris Delmhorst
  • Bowling In The Hills, Eddie From Ohio. I'm up and down about Eddie From Ohio but I really like some of their songs. This one's not my favorite, but felt appropriate.
  • Rule Number One, Nate Borofsky
  • Strange Conversation, Kris Delmhorst
  • The Hardest Thing to Prove, We're About 9. So much love. This was on my Afterlife playlist, but it's cool enough to go again.
  • Lying In My Grave, Tylan
  • Ghost Boy, Coyote Grace
  • Galileo, The Chorallaries of MIT (covering Indigo Girls). No link for this version, and I had the original in some other playlist recently.
  • Simile Song, Eddie From Ohio
  • One True Thing, Tylan
  • The Blessings, Dar Williams. Yeah, this has too much overlap with my Σ playlist. I started it first, though, and also whatever.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's, Rockapella covering Deep Blue Something. Except the link is to the original, because I couldn't find the version I have and also the video's good.
  • Closer to Fine, Indigo Girls
  • Live With This, We're About 9. Yeah, there's a lot of overlap.
  • Everything's Easy, Girlyman
  • This Must Be The Place, Miles Fisher covering Talking Heads
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