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In Which Classes Persist in Having Nothing to do with College

RCIV's tomorrow! First time I'll use my suit... I hung out with Patty and Gus a lot this evening. He's in the game, too. It's interesting/useful to have someone else around; you can learn a lot from responses to things. I've been working a lot on being less oblivious, more assertive, and less waffly. Anyways, we did random stuff, including hacking: bending the handle on the blow room, not having sufficient magic to get onto stata, hanging the point at 36, and some other stuff, and also Full Metal Alchemist.

It's good to have a job, especially a nifty one like this. I'm going to (finally) get a cell tomorrow, and hopefully some groceries, because I really need some food besides bananas, yogurt, oldish sandwich stuff, and mac & cheese... at least for breakfast.

Hmm... I think I see where Patty has been going with the spelling, or an equally valid point that she could have been trying to make... I really should stop using this as a location for esotericness, shouldn't I?. It's a good place to put stuff that you want to reserve the right not to explain, I guess.

EDIT: Just to showcase my obliviousness towards the real world, I just realized for the first time that a feeling I get in my gut in certain circumstances which I had been referring to by another name might be more commonly termed a "gut feeling". Well, it's not a perfect equivalent, but it really shouldn't have taken me this long to notice the similarity.
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