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Playlist: Fortitude

This one's for my incipient Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine campaign, a pastoral campaign set in the Fortitude neighborhood of Town. The only concise way I've found to explain Chuubo's pastoral is to compare it to Ghibli movies. ("You've got characters with great cosmic power, but the important things are living well and connecting with people.")
  • Simple Gift(s), The OK Factor. One of the region properties of Fortitude is “Things must have simplicity”, and coming from Shaker I couldn't resist including some version of Simple Gifts. This one's the coolest one I could find quickly.
  • Washing Day, Amber Rubarth. This song feels Fortitude-y to me, I think because I imprinted on that early story Jenna posted featuring laundry.
  • Streetcorner Paradise, Hiroshima. This at some point was in the aborted playlist for my old Dresden Files campaign, but it's totally better for Fortitude.
  • We Deliver, Kris Delmhorst. I dunno, it's weird and abstract and talks about the sun.
  • The Town on the Hill (丘の町), from the Whisper of the Heart (耳をすませば) Image Album, because obviously I have that. (I know I got Whisper of the Heart impulsively my first time in Japan, but I don't remember if I got the image album then or if I got it at Tokyo Kid or somewhere after actually watching it.) It's pastoral but less Chuubo's-y than other Ghibli movies, but I like the feel and the story within the movie fitsish. The planetoids are converging!
  • Walking Home, Homunculus. Town canonically has buses, and it fits with the "you have to walk a long time to get places" part of Fortitude. Also, I like it and can't think of what other playlist I'd put it for.
  • Complimentary Me, Elizabeth & The Catapult. Lots of Chuubo's characters seem to have counterparts, and Kendra's character has a shadow.
  • Sleep Well, Mae
  • Forced Enlightenment, from CHRONOTORIOUS. Probably not strictly necessary, but the name makes me think of Jasmine getting hit on the head with a dodgeball.
  • My Baby The Sun, Coyote Grace
  • Today It's Raining On Just You, Broken Fences. Broken Fences has a bunch of surreal songs that fit well, and I ended up picking this one.
  • End Of The Summer, Dar Williams
  • Strange Familiar Places, The Filmographers. I'm not sure this reminds me of any character in particular, but this seems like someone who could totally be a Chuubo's character.
  • The Harbor(feat. Kawehi), Maximalism
  • Beyond the Veil, Lindsey Stirling. I guess this is the tie-in to Sam's character, with his Charon-defying and barrier-passing ways. Though the video is maybe more Kendra's character.
  • Like New, WWClub
  • A Mysterious Painting (神秘なる絵), from Kiki. I originally had "If Enveloped In Tenderness", but then I remembered this song and how Andrew's character has a painting bound under the Titov shrine, so I had to go with this one, even if it's way too mellow for under the Titov shrine.
  • Simple Mind, Allie Farris.
  • No Place Like Home, from Mako's Music Box. Another region property is "You have a home in Fortitude." And I still like these music box tracks, all these years layer.
  • Two Banks of the River, Jason Webley. I guess this is also related to Sam's character, running a ferry on the Twisting River, but also Jason Webley lyrics are totally evocative in the appropriate way, and I love this song.
  • World Begun, Hannah Sanders & Liz Simmons
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