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With Leafdream

RCIV was nifty. I was Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the Bond movies (and thus Dante's father) with an alternate backstory as a Swiss banker and as of yet good guy, searching for a lost Nazi treasure because the Nazis owed us a bunch of money. Unfortunately, my Nazi was too nice and spent a bunch of time helping the good guy mob fend off the zombies and not looking for the treasure. I managed to become evil when I got seduced by Veronica, but shortly thereafter got eaten by zombies when I got surrounded and reacted lousily, failing to follow Veronica and the tentacle beast when they escaped (and ended up mutually seducing/tentacle raping each other). But at least I got to eat someone's brain afterwards. It was a fun, if quite random, game, with interesting and annoying mechanics. Oh, and while Ernie lost quite a few purity points, I lost only one.

Earlier that day I got a cell phone. Sunday I slept a lot. Today was very intriguing. • And I have food now.

Oh, and Phaeton switched to being our squad leader for Phraxian Dominions Academy. So, we are now officially Ph43t0n's Legion of DOOM! Exclamation point optional. (This would be Dennis, me, Patty, Steph, and Dante, for those keeping score at home.)
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