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Hakama + Resourcefulness = Incoherency

It's official: I've started getting junk mail as Xavid now! Leave it to DeVry University to get to it a month before Probate Court.

Got out to Jo-Anne's today: yay fabric! I'm looking forward to making my first pair of hakama/袴—the only thing better than walking around in a skirt is making people think you're wearing a skirt when you're actually not. Umm... *sidles away from himself* (This is all for SCA, by the way—it is beyond me to be quite this crazy on my own.)

I'm looking forward to Alpha/Confluence. It'll be cool to see lots of people I know at Confluence, so all you people, come! I really should do some writing/revising before Alpha, though. And (I've exorcised the incomplete-sentence fairy) I need to clean my room.

I actually got some writing done, believe it or not. Not telling anyone what, yet, for some mysterious reason. (秘密!)

I seem to have caught resourcefulness, as I have spelunked my way to more Alpha people's livejournals. It's far better than SARS.

Incidentally, I need a time machine, preferably one with teleportation capabilities to Japan, Pittsburgh, and New York. (Stupid spellchecker doesn't know teleportation or Pittsburgh! If I misspelled them, shh.) CA would be nice too, as long as it can be programmed to avoid grandparents. A flying castle is also still on my list, for those of you who haven't gotten me an imaginary birthday present yet.
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