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In Addition to Napping

You know what I want to do? Start collecting cool mirrors. Don't you think it would be nifty to have a room that had a ton of cool mirrors of different shapes and so on in it? *shrug* Random thought of the almost-2-AM.

Oh, we (Ph43t0n's Legion of DOOM, except he has to punt PDA because he's being a Democratic drone in Wisconsin) went to the Army Barracks today. In addition to the obligatory tac vest, I also got a cool thing I'm going to use as a dart bandolier (did I really spell that right on the first try?) if I ever get more darts than fit in the vest, and I might mod to hold bells if I ever do something Sabriel and get bell physreps. I should start collecting durableish bells, too. If I ever get to the point where my paychecks start amounting to more than living-expense-ness, I might actually start actually buying stuff instead of just collecting it by declaration. I do need to do a Sabriel LARP sometime. An Abhorsen surcoat would be so nifty, come to think of it... Maybe I'll have time to sew over IAP or something...

*gratuitousness* I Hope You Dance is a supermeganifty song, by the way. (It's sad that I can spell bandolier but not dance without spellchecker, isn't it?)
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