Xavid (kihou) wrote,

A Wish Askew

So, my obsession this week with Dream Askew and some discussions about Valence and GM roles in Jennachat inspired me with a Chuubo’s!Dream Askew hack. The basic concept is that character abilities are simplified into high-valence MP-costing moves, ordinary-valence, and negative-valence MP-generating moves. In addition to playing a character, each player also plays a genre and a region of town, having default control over stuff that happens in that region and characters from that region in addition to events fitting with that genre. (Possibly with some motivation to encourage that genre.)

I sorta want to do the region/genre sheets as folded tent cards so that the other players could see the XP actions and properties, but I don’t know how well that’d work in practice.

I think maybe XP and wounds work like in Chuubo’s? Maybe with XP simplified down into one kind of thing? If so there should be emotion XP somewhere on the character sheets.

I do really like this approach in general. It certainly works a lot better for Chuubo’s than any of my previous attempts.

A Wish Askew
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