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Whatever We Wish

So, yesterday was certainly interesting.

Technical-yesterday at midnight was the pumpin drop—dropping a bunch of frozen pumpkins off the top of the tallest building in Cambridge. It was nifty, but not quite as interesting as I had expected.

Yesterday afternoon was Phraxian Dominions Academy, basically Assassins' Guild combat training. Lots of fun, really messed up my trigger finger, got a nasty red spot on my back dying against a door hinge, but lots of fun.

After PDA was over, I went over to Patty's to get dressed in drag for Rocky Horror. This was very amusing. We ran out of time (mainly because I got stuck outside EC without my cell phone for a while, and stuff was rushed in general), so I didn't get complete makeup, and shoes that fit me were rather hard to find. In the end, I think I looked pretty good... (pictures coming soon!) We (Gus, Patty, I, and most of 1E) went to Rocky Horror in Harvard Square. The premovie entertainment was certainly intriguing, though we didn't participate all that much, and the movie was also interesting. It was fun, although rather unequal to the square root of three.

In conclusion, women's shoes are evil. And I was in platforms. I hereby declare that all high-heels should spontaneously implode. Or turn into carp.
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