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Styrofoam + Gasoline = ...

Napalm! Which is why DOOMCom and common sense don't mix.
Initial Burst
Sport death!

Flaming Sword
Only life can kill you!

Going Out
Fun with Napalm and eBay swords

Fire Damage
Fire damage

More Sword

Jolt + Napalm
Jolt + Napalm

Badly drawn anarchy sign on the courtyard

The Rest of the Napalm
How do you dispose of extra napalm?

The Rest of the Napalm

The Rest of the Napalm

The Rest of the Napalm

P.S. Nothing like drag photos to really get a sense of how many people read your journal. Let's see, Bexley has a drag party in a couple weeks... Yūtarō?
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