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空のない町 (A Skyless Town)

I guess I'm supposed to say something political, too. I guess I'd prefer just to ignore it... apathy/cynicism/not-worrying-about-things-outside-my-controlness. I don't really know why people voted for Bush, but then again I don't really know why I voted for Kerry except that he's not Bush, or if you can really build a worthwhile democracy on booleans. By the second pillar, it's not going to change anytime soon. I still respect (some) Republicans, the same way I seem to manage to respect evangelical Christians and the hopelessly mundane without any real reason other than that they're people. There's always Canada/Japan/Mexico if things really devolve, but for now I'll just continue living in my worlds...

On a completely unrelated "it's a small world" note, apparently, at one point Uncle Bobby and Aunt Cherie spent a day talking about (Metacarta consultant) Tim Shepard's thesis on the expandability of wireless networks to some DARPA project manager, which directly led DARPA to give Metacarta the half a million dollars they needed to get off the ground, allowing them to give me a really nifty part-time job. And I found this out because the one fiction book Tim's read in the past long-period-of-time is by Vernor Vinge, and one reason he read it is because Vinge cites Tim's thesis in reference to Bobby and Cherie's localizers. It was funny listening him talk about Vernor Vinge, and how he'd based part of his book off some research in a startup in California, and getting the impending sense of coincidence. Just goes to show how things bounce back in surprising ways.

Random bits: Jiu Jitsu for PE is fun and useful, life is nifty, I need to write something and revise stuff and bake biscuits.

Now back to calc,
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