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Supported by Stars and Grain

雪が降ってる、雪が降ってる!Ningit, ningit! Or, for the less linguistically inclined, it's snowing, it's snowing!

Today was... the end of the prologue, perhaps. Weird, unsettling, and foolish... but probably good in the long run. I definitely needed that cranberry juice, Trickster's Queen, and the hacking afterwards. We finally made it onto the roof of Stata by ourselves! Also found a shaft, and all signed in in an electrical room in 32-9. Hot cocoa afterwards, because, of course, there's lots of snow on roofs when it snows.

As much as I'm enjoying everything, I think it'll be nice to see my family over Thanksgiving. *snugs Yoshi and Georgie* I'm looking forward to the duck!
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