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Normal Life

Hmmm... I never write about school or work or any of the things normal people spend lots of time talking about (though I do touch on relationships, technically)... Today was the 3.091 (solid state chem) exam. I think I did pretty well. It wasn't as bad as the last exam, and I only BSed a couple of the explanations. It did not, however, have the big x-ray crystallography problem that we spent a bunch of time on and I studied for both this test and the previous one on the assumption that it'd come up. *shrug* Go figure.

UROP this afternoon went pretty well. I'm installing a new development environment because our development machines in quarantine because it got a port scanner of some sort, and the other lab's machine we borrowed decided not to like us any more. Yet again, whenever computers are involved, I become the person everyone comes to for help. Just like Java last year, the other UROPs keep asking me when they have problems, though fortunately it's because they don't want to bother Mike and not because he couldn't answer them. I like helping, though, so it's not too annoying.

I didn't get any jobness done today, because I was tooling on 18.02 (multivar calc) all evening (except for Jiu Jitsu), but it's going well. It's fun programming, and I should get my paycheck any day now.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving some, but I wonder how different everything's going to feel now. I'll find a little bit of time to revisit Onaway and surroundings, I'm sure.

*metaesotericness that deleted itself would have been here* Hmm, this esotericness is really getting rather out of control... I need to get better at ninjaing it so I don't unduly confuse those of you who aren't trying to figure it out. Well, may seeking prove as positive for me.

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