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Moving in Trees

Hmm... not too much to talk about... I'm really looking forward to Final Fantasy: Heaven's Rift Saturday. I'm Vice President Hiroku, an impeccable gentleman in a sharp suit (who also happens to have a wakizashi). My costume's certainly less exciting than Dante's (a woman with purple hair in well-fitting blue clothing). It's going to be a lot of fun.

Part of me thinks I should start a private journal so I could write down more stuff... but I think this is really better for me. It's fun, and good practice. Just because I'm getting better at... resourcefulness? mystery? pargog-sagashi? doesn't mean I should stop working on it. I should probably ninja this more, though, because I know Patty annoys some people... *grmbl* Then again, I should be grateful that I don't have so many mundane problems to deal with. Regardless, I should pretend to get a reasonable amount of sleep, especially when there's no good reason to be staying up. (quasi-edit: LJ cuts are good for, if not ninjaing, being less annoying)

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