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Funny how your feet in dreams never touch the earth

Last Night: Finally saw all of The Seven Samurai at Foley's. It's a great movie. Also, GRTs get really nice apartments.

Hmm... my life reminds me a little of a grown-up movie seen by a kid.

Now: Back home in Shaker. It's great to see my family again; I haven't seen Yoshi and Georgie in ages. It does seem a little like Phaeton's dental records, though. I got in late enough that I didn't do too much besides play DDR and eat at Friendly's, but talking is quite worthwhile. There was also a nifty moon above thin clouds, which looks full but shouldn't be according to Nethack.

Thanksgiving's going to be fun. Tomorrow I'll probably end up wandering and seeing people, likely not at the same time.

Well, it's about time for some sleep, more literally.
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