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Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

Zan is an unredeemably nifty person. We spent last night wandering around and then talking on no particular topic until 2. Things certainly seem more interesting around here from my new perspective, even if I feel somewhat like a visitor. And then there's Patty calling me for directions like I never left.

Thanksgiving was fun; the duck was good, and pumpkin pie, even if it wasn't quite as exciting after 1st e*cough* what I heard about 1st east's pies, of course, since only hall members got to eat them. ^_^ Friday we went out and got a Christmas tree; we got a balsam fir instead of a blue spruce this year. We decorated it this afternoon, among other random stuff.

I guessThe reason I don't write much of a standard account of the stuff that goes on in my life, even the interesting !himitsu stuff, is because it always feels like it doesn't do a good job of conveying what is really important to me. I should do more freewriting.

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