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I just bombed my 18.02 test. What with working 4 hours and UROPing 2 and being tired and who knows what else last evening, I didn't get much studying done, but I'd done the problem set and I didn't think it was going to be too painful. And it was. I kept running into things like messy integrals where I didn't know if I was supposed to be able to do them by hand or if I'd messed something up earlier on, and I didn't have enough time to debug them effectively, so basically I didn't even finish half the problems. *grmbl* I guess I shouldn't be to hard on ℳyself, though...

On a lighter note, fuzzy blankets are exceptionally nifty. I wonder if there's any place you could get them around here.

EDIT: Getting a box from home with a knife and file hidden under food, while sillily ironic, is also very nice.
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