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So, I'm sitting in the condensed matter whatever room place with Tim Shepard working on some Metacarta stuff when my boss, John Frank, comes in all excited.

John: Have you thought about what you want to do after college?
Me: I don't really know yet...
J: Have you ever thought you'd like to start a company?
M: Not really...
J: How'd you like to start one next semester?

Basically, John has this intricate plan which would involve some idealistic MIT student starting a company to train/certify people who work for companies who like certifications in using Lucene, the open source text search system. Basically, because Lucene is free, there would then be less overhead in adopting a Metacarta system which needs a text search system (but doesn't want to draw a dependency arrow for budget reasons). So, John wants someone like me to work with his assistance on a business plan, enter the MIT 50K Competition thing (a sort of high-money science fair for business plans), and start this company. So, my initial reaction is, "Do I really need something else to do?", especially since I'm not sure this is really what I want to do at all. But I'm still thinking about it. Any thoughts?

P.S. Hmm... I really should talk to my parents more instead of just assuming they'll read it on my LJ, shouldn't I?
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