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Free Time at Last

So, Christmas finally gave me a moment to breathe. Lots of nifty presents (highlights: Howl's Moving Castle movie calendar, Mortal City by Dar Williams, Homunculus CD [•], a good start to a set of abhorsen's bells, and a nifty, shodōish shōgi set), and people seemed to like what I gave them (which is a relief after all the last-minuteness). Relaxing with grandparents and puzzle and dominoes, unexciting but nice. I guess I've grown up in some ways; I don't have a video game I'm dying to get away from family and play. *shruggle*

The most part of this past week was spent in California, first in LA, then in San Francisco (areas). Points of extreme niftiness I can't do justice to because while I'm pretending to be all better I'm still rather weary: meeting Jill and Rebecca for random wandering, invading pet shops and love-sacs; meeting Patti and Maya for an interesting (if suboptimally because of unrecoveredness, see below) time in a park populated by holly trees and a cute dog whose name is in the subset of Spanish I know reliably. The remaining 2/3rds of the trip were deniftified by combinations of grandparent unhappiness, scheduling difficulties, and the evil nausea flu that attacked Zan and me in quick succession, leaving after its appointed 24 hours (although it left a little remnant in me, which still isn't quite gone, I guess). See, now I'm getting gloomy again. *grmbl* I need to think of happy things. Like wombats. I don't think I've ever seen a sad wombat. Definitely never a morose one.

Next week'll be fun, with D&D (which will happen, I swear!) and actually doing some work on this LARP, and maybe work-type work and/or writing, but maybe not. And definitely a walk through Onaway and the creek by Woodbury and Southerly Park.
(EDIT: yes, even despite the snow. I did manage somehow to forget about it... it's supposed to warm up, and I think I'm still sufficiently crazy regardless.)
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