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Why am I not sleeping?

Well, today was reasonably nifty.

Theory was vaguely fun, but no one was there. From there, I went straight to Nowm site with Cynrig [sp]/Dad to help Wolfgar [sp] & co clean up. It was fun, met some Falcon's Reach people and Katie [sp] the deputy-herald-type-person. Got my recommended daily allowance of being pricked by thorns.

D&D this evening: finally got people out of the purple place, with only one retconed clue. The problem is, all my clues make sense to me, because I know the answer, but the seem to always convey the wrong impression to everyone else. And, since this purple place wasn't supposed to be a huge adventure yet, I was getting sorta bored with it. So, perfect segue into the mind-control cleric battle, which involved the cleric having used most of his first-level spells to keep up his disguise, then forgetting to lock his door before doing evil (but PG-13) stuff to Bronwen.

In related news, I need to either develop fewer friends or a better strategy for keeping up to date that involves sleep.
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