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Various and Sundry

I'm finally getting back to working on "A Quiet Memory". I've seriously punted it for too long. The editing's not going so bad now that I'm actually working on it. My plan is to get through all the feedback from Alpha before I go back to school, give a draft to some people for more critiques, and then get it ready to send out and just do it. I didn't end up getting "Changing Back" sent out before Alpha like I planned, and I really need to start collecting rejection letters before I get too far behind. ^_^

Brightly colored socks (big enough for me) and fuzzy blankets (of the Mexican variety) are among the set of things whose niftiness far exceeds their availability, though by more orders of magnitude on the latter.

I think 18.02 got to me too much; I can no longer think about or mention any gradual change without being tempted to phrase it as a derivative; for instance, with reference to my list of books to read crushing me, d(crush)/dt is more negative when I read short books than long ones because an increase in book size increases t, the time to read it, much faster than it increases the book list crush.

On a related note, I finally finished Trickster's Queen, which was lots of fun, even though I felt like things worked out too well throughout.

Oh, and I'm really having fun with shōgi, even if the only people I have to play right now are those I teach. I mean, does your chess have flying chariots that polymorph into dragon kings?
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