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One More Down...

So, this past year involved quite a few dramatic and overall positive changes. Even the few bad aspects I think fit in 'the blessings'. Here's hoping for more of the same in 2005!

For those who care:
Primary resolution: Trust myself more.
Secondary resolutions: send stories out, write a LARP or two, learn more hacker magic, get back into rapier/SCA

Last night I went to the party at Chris's house. It was a lot of fun, and there were lots of nifties there I hadn't seen for a while. Standard stuff: DDR, melee, and funny TVish stuff, with the addition of pool and beer pong. I have come to the conclusion that the ideal location of beer is not flooding the carpet and, by extension, socks. Got home at the bright, early hour of 5:30, with just enough time for my requisite 6 hours of sleep to be vaguely coherent for D&D at 1 (with time for lunch, waking up, and personal hygiene for you addition freaks).

After D&D was characterized by packing, undecorating the christmas tree, and a long walk around the elementary schools and through Southerly Park with Zan.

Back to Cambridge for a month of fun and excitement! (And fuzzy blankets! *polymorphs into a five-year-old hugging a blanket*)
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