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More Niftiness than you can shake the Sword of Justinian at

Hey, sorry I never write any more... IAP (January on campus without classes) is inestimably nifty. Very busy, mostly in a good way. Last weekend's LARP's key points for me included my love interest's adopted sister spending the first 5 minutes of game telling my love interest how wonderful I was, then seducing me in an out-of-the-way corridor where, of course, the only person to come along was my love interest, because she forgot about who I was, apparently. I'd specifically decided not to seduce her, too, for that same reason. For that and other reasons, I spent the first evening drunk, which was a lot of fun. In the end, I totally failed at my love plot and my matchmaker plot, but I did well in my become-a-spy-for-the-king plot, especially since my father succeeded from the kingdom and then accepted me back into his household. It was a fun game, although there was a fair amount of downtime.

I've also been working and revising "A Quiet Memory" and working on the LARP running in a week and a half and doing other nifty stuff. I didn't make it into glassblowing, though, and I lost my black jacket. I'm hoping it turns up in Lost & Found, but if not I'll have to buy another one.

Other nifty things: the Oxford Classical Dictionary, Chewbacca's [sp] Lair, 6-321, lockpicks, fuzzy blankets, meter square bars of chocolate, tamales, kimono even if they don't really fit in the setting, being nocturnal, canned pears, 6.370, fuzzy blankets, Pilgrimage by Zenna Henderson, and fuzzy blankets.
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