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The end of last week consisted of the mad rush to complete our game (Warhammer 40,000: Xenophobia). It went pretty well, considering; one of my riddle trails worked, one worked partway, and one crashed and burned. We all learned stuff, and not everyone got eaten by demons. Of course, during wrap up the other GMs (Dante, Steph and Phaeton) all put on green headbands and kidnapped me, to continue the trend of my being abducted by aliens at the end of every game. Lots of fun. Just in time to start working on Battle Royale with Patty and Estevan (aka Milo), which we now run in 6 weeks because Phaeton's 3 day won't be done by then, and he asked us to switch. Will start that in a few hours.

Classes start tomorrow. 18.03 (3rd semester of calc, forget exactly what), 6.001 (structure and interpretation of computer programs or something like that), 8.02[2x] (either masochistic E&M or E&M with Experiments, depending on whether I get off the waitlist or not), and 21f.504 (4th semester Japanese language). Much tougher, but should be nonfatal. 6.001 I think I'll enjoy, and it'll give me a chance to scout out 32-123 for interestingness, since I haven't been in there before. (It's sorta sad that one of the first things I think about my classes are their hacking/assassins' potential...)

Regardless, I'm rather drown-shitai/mopey for no obvious reason. My willpower's fallen to depressing levels, and that's one thing cranberry juice doesn't fix. Too bad I don't have any broccoli... Or maybe I'll try zazen. Can't hurt.

Or I could fail miserably... which I guess was to be expected. All suffering is caused by desire... but isn't also all desire caused by suffering? Yay life.
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