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So, I seem to have spontaneously developed the habit of celebrating holidays oddly.

I've decided to give up buying random snacks from vending machines for lent. Not that I'm Christian or anything, or even that more than a couple people I know celebrate (I guess observe?) lent, but mainly because I've been wasting too much money on vending machines the past few weeks, and I'm starting to annoy myself. Plus, extra force of will practice never hurt anyone. Unless it was actually part of a brainwashing regimen. Let's see... lent goes until Easter, doesn't it? I should look up when easter is.

Secondarily, I've decided to wear kimono all day for whatever random Japanese holiday is on Friday. I think it's just one of those random "yay! no school!" holidays, not something you'd wear anything special for. Let's see, it's Something-Country-Something about writing-Something Day. Yay kanji. (For those keeping score at home, my dictionary says it's National Foundation Day.)

Hmm... Saturday's Lincoln's Birthday. I doubt I'll end up doing anything for that. Maybe working on Battle Royale. It's vaguely like a civil war.
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