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Back to New Anaheim

Emailed Philip, and finally got the link to the Conspiracy trailers: http://gaming.mit.edu/conspiracy/. It might be a little hard to follow, because the scripts really don't relate in any consistent fashion and some actresses are played by other actresses due to unfortunate fatalities, but it was certainly fun. In conclusion, I need more hats. And socks.

Oh, stuff that's been happening? Played in a time-travel game yesterday, as a reporter from the future who managed to survive and not get brainwashed solely through his ability to not look threatening, not draw a gun, and run around yelling "Press! Don't shoot!" In conclusion, always copy your blueprints before leaving them where warlock can find them. I did managed to avoid getting abducted by aliens (just EMT this time), but I think we have a new budding tradition: Phaeton was cast as Phaeton.

Oh, and in real life, I have a killer 8.022 test tomorrow (E&M). Wish me lack of spontaneous combustion.

Chun/Tom Hunter, Jr./Xavid
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